A Horror Film


EMMA (24) orphaned at an early age, wants nothing more than to know where she came from, who her parents were… Today she travels to an abandoned orphanage to find the unsealed records which will unlock the secrets of her past. 
She is going there with members of her CHURCH GROUP, including her best friend ANNIE and theie priest, FATHER DAVE.

Except there’s nobody home when they arrive. The place looks well lived in, the doors are all open, and urged on by her determination, Emma decides to search the house, over the priest’s protests. An hour into their search and they have not found the records, but they do find a photograph of Emma as a little girl, one hand held by her Mother and one hand held by a teen boy. Emma is so overwhelmed by emotions.  And, of course, more determined than ever to find those records.

When they step outside, they see the old garage, one door open. Inside is years of accumulated belongings, including storage boxes which look like they might hold paper files. As she and her church friends start digging through they discover records, but also various personal items and belongings like wallets, watches, lockets, old cell phones, toys, hair berets, and other items. These finds are a little disturbing to most of the group, but they inspire Emma to search for anything she can possibly find which would help her build a connection to her family.

But her reverie is interrupted by the arrival of the people who now own the old orphanage. They are the outcasts, the abandoned orphans who resent all outsiders. They consider any stranger their natural enemy. They have become thieves, gypsies, killers, and cannibals.

They block Emma’s and her friends’ escape. Led by CORA, who has one of her people fetch CLETUS, the 6-foot-five manchild who loves causing pain and misery to outsiders. They intimidate the church group, then Cletus kills the priest. The church group panics and runs, trying to get away from these people as fast as they can.

The dysfunctional family of orphans chases after the church group, hunting them down one-by-one.

Throughout the long night our idealistic young people are killed or captured, bound and tortured by the various members of the orphanage’s inbred family.

Emma emerges as the wild card, the one who manages to escape, the one who fights to help her friends, the one who survives.

As the evening wears on, Cora figures out who Emma is and tries to use this against Emma in a game of psychological warfare.

But this experience has unleashed something in Emma and she’s going to help as many of her friends survive, if she can. If it’s the last thing she does.
We love horror! Horror films have been the most popular genre for over 60 years. People love to be scared. It helps them to escape the really horrible stuff they have to deal with in their day-to-day lives. And our film has a lot of bloody, scary, horror! And we've got 6' 5" talle Gene Snisky in the role of "Cletus," the man-child whose head was wrapped in barbed wire when his parent locked him in the basement and moved away. These orphans come from brutal beginnings which have helped shape them into the nasty people they are today!
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